Tengu Mask
Tengu Mask
Tengu Mask
Tengu Mask

Tengu Mask

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Material:                            PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a biodegradable thermoplastic, It is one                                            of the most popular Bioplastics, super solid.

Hand Crafted in Canada

Dimensions:                       High            10.8

                                          Width           9

                                          Deep            6

Weight:                              0.46 Kg


About this Item

  • Wearable or in a hanging frame.
  • The Highest quality in North America
  • Suitable to be in your shop, also good to be put in your house, such as bedroom, sitting room, dinning-room even anywhere as
  • Take them as office decoration is also a great idea.
  • Best gifts for your family, friends or colleagues who are in the worship of Japanese culture.